Frequently Asked Questions

How do I connect to a session

To connect to a session either scan the onsite QR code or enter the event code provided.

If you’re unsure of the event code please speak with the event coordinator.

I don’t want to download the app, can I still listen?

You can always listen to an event through a web browser, even on a cell phone. Check with the event coordinator to find out what link to use.

I have joined a session and selected my preferred language. Why can’t I hear audio?

If you are having issues with attending an event remotely please ensure that you are not connected to a VPN and that your firewall isn’t blocking traffic for the ProLingo App.

I’m using the correct code but I still can’t connect

Please make sure that you are connected to the correct network. For most events you can be on any Wifi network or cellular data. For certain event you may have to connect to a specific wifi network to hear interpretation.

Where can I learn more about the ProLingo App?

You can learn more by signing up to a live demo

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Still need some help?

Please fill out the support form on this page and a technical support team member will contact you shortly.

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I simply gave Rosie a list of the various languages, the estimated number of attendees and a description of the room layout. In a very short period of time I had a detailed quote with multiple options in my inbox. We host monthly meetings and ProLingo never fails to impress.
- K.H., The Darden Group

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