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Multilingual Tools for Market Expansion

August 31, 2023

The demand for multilingual communication at events and conferences has increased significantly in recent years and the need for accurate interpretation is expected to grow. As products and services are made more accessible to communities throughout the global village, companies and organizations will need to enhance their ability to communicate more effectively.

Globalization over the past 50 years has brought businesses and markets much closer together. But every day, potential business opportunities are missed due to the challenges posed by language differences in delivering brand messaging. With ProLingo’s experience in managing events, you get a proven multilingual approach for hosting your events.

As multilingualism continues to create new opportunities to connect with diverse audiences, corporate meeting planners must appreciate and embrace how cultural differences play a major role in delivering brand messaging. Understanding cultural nuances sets the stage for effective multilingual communication with optimal economic benefits.

Since interpretation and translation are the tools used to communicate with your audience across all channels, consider your needs for simultaneous or consecutive interpretation, translation, transcription, captioning, and dubbing of event materials. Correct tone and style of the languages being used can have a major impact on building relationships through a more precise communication experience.

What is Vernacular Brand Messaging?

Vernacular brand messaging goes a step further than merely providing a translation in someone’s native tongue. It delivers your message in the way people really talk to each other in a specific region where they live. It is the “non-official” spoken form of a language or dialect that is peculiar to where someone routinely communicates with others. For example, the word “y’all” is a commonly used vernacular term in the South.

Studies have shown that vernacular brand messaging produces the best outcomes by connecting with your audience using their unique dialect. Since expanding your reach is all about connecting with your target audience, you can’t expect to be successful unless your understand the culture and habits of their vernacular. Translation only transfers your message from one language to another, whereas vernacular brand messaging ensures localization of content.

Buy or Rent: Event Equipment & Services

Whether you are renting or looking to buy, ProLingo has the latest equipment technologies to ensure your interpretations are accurately conveyed by delivering clear, concise messages every time. No matter the size of your event, our audio technicians are always available for online, phone, or onsite support to make certain every presenter's message is delivered to your audience exactly as stated without hesitation or confusion. Check out our affordable solutions below:

Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment – At ProLingo, we provide a comprehensive approach to planning a multilingual presentation, meeting or conference. That includes prompt delivery of event equipment rentals and translation services. With our decades of experience and attention to detail, your event will run seamlessly without disruptions or down-time. Plus, our interpreters will deliver your message with the correct cultural impact.

Microphone Discussion Systems – Professional conferencing systems are equipped to deliver the highest quality audio performance in a multiple-table microphone setup. At ProLingo, we provide secure and discrete solutions for roundtable and classroom-style discussions at multilingual events. Our push-to-talk microphones feature illuminating light rings and on-board speakers to eliminate the need for a public address system.

Portable Listening Equipment – The successful delivery of your message can depend on choosing the right equipment provider. At ProLingo, our easy-to-use portable transmitters and digital RF receivers are compact in size with extra lightweight components that deliver clear sound that’s ideal for church events, factory tours, training seminars, and various types of business meetings with up to thirty-seven usable frequencies.

Global Translation Services – Our interpreter coordinator understands the importance of making sure every attendee feels included no matter how many localized languages are being converted. When you choose ProLingo as your multilingual event partner, every detail for your meeting receives the attention it deserves and our team works directly with your event's staff to provide the best translation and interpretation results.

Remote Simultaneous Interpretation App – ProLingo’s remote simultaneous interpretation app has been designed to allow for a quick method of setting up your conference, redirecting streams to our staff of certified interpreters, and providing inclusion excellence to ensure no attendee feels left out. Our application was specifically developed to run natively on Apple and Android devices.

If you truly want to appeal to your audience, you need to speak their version of the language you’re using. That’s why human interpretation and professional translation is needed to adapt your messaging to new market segments across the global village. Using language nuances as opposed to simply relying on machine translation has the potential to turn your multilingual content into messaging that is much more relevant to your audience.


When you choose ProLingo, you can rent or purchase interpretation equipment backed by our "fair price guarantee". As a planner or presenter, ensuring all facets of each speaker’s presentation is accessible to all members of your multilingual audience is key to having a more inclusive event. Contact ProLingo at 800-287-9755 to speak with an event specialist.

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