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Polyglots Can Catch Up Via Online Events

June 11, 2021

Polyglot events allow multilingual speakers to meet and communicate with other language enthusiasts from around the world. Annual Polyglot Gatherings and the Global Polyglot Conference are open to anybody interested in getting a first-hand taste of the host country’s local culture while taking part in language-related lectures, talks, and discussions. Events are usually scheduled over a week-long period with learning sessions presented during designated days. There is no minimum requirement as to the number of languages a person speaks or how fluent they are in any given language. Anyone with even the slightest interest in languages that loves to travel and meet new people should consider attending an online or face-to-face polyglot gathering or conference. There are lots of opportunities to practice communicating in multiple languages and organizers have fun activities scheduled for the evenings as well as before and after the main event.

Global Events for Multilingual Speakers

Each year there are several fantastic polyglot events that are hosted in culturally interesting cities around the globe. These are packed with awesome lectures, presentations, rich cultural activities, and fun social gatherings. Moreover, all activities are language related, and participants have ample time to share their love of languages and exercise a passion for exploring a new culture. Listed below are important global events for multilingual speakers:

  • Polyglot Gathering Online 2021 - Berlin hosted the initial Polyglot Gathering as well as the second and third events in 2014 thru 2016. This was followed by Polyglot Gatherings in Bratislava, Slovakia in 2017 thru 2019. Due to travel restrictions imposed by the coronavirus pandemic, the 2020 event was presented online. The latest Polyglot Gathering was scheduled to take place for the first time in Teresin, Poland (outside Warsaw). Unfortunately, COVID-19 caused organizers to opt for an online gathering for over 1000 participants from five different countries with a complete itinerary of unique online experiences. Polyglots can still sign in to the Polyglot Gathering online platform and watch the recorded session through the end of June. After that, recorded copies of the gatherings will be posted to YouTube.
  • Polyglot Conference Global 2021 – At the time of this posting, the 2021 Polyglot Conference is scheduled to take place from 15 thru 24 October 2021 either face-to-face in Cholula, Mexico, or as an online presentation. Organizers created separate tracks for papers and presentations that are related to the theme of “Language Change”. The new format honors the shift in status quo on a global scale as well as within local communities: 
    • Ancient Languages
    • New Words and New Worlds
    • Indigenous Languages, Peoples, and Cultures
    • Changes in Language Learning and Teaching
    • Changes in How We Use Language for Work and Leisure
  • Polyglot Online Options: In case the 2021 Polyglot Conference has to be delivered online, presentations will be recorded and submitted ahead of the conference date. These will be released every two weeks to participants over the course of the following months. During the Polyglot Conference you will be able to speak in numerous foreign languages if you are so inclined.For answers to your questions about signing up for and participating in the events, visit Polyglot Conference Global website.

To stay in the know, multilingual speakers and all language enthusiasts should bookmark the ProLingo website. Then, plan to join other polyglots at live events and online to celebrate languages and language learning as well as to spend time with other participants who share your love of languages.


Polyglot Conference Global from 15-24 October 2021, either in Cholula, Mexico, or online.

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