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Portable Listening Systems for a Clearer Message

June 15, 2023

Companies of all sizes and types have different reasons for hosting an event that needs to be delivered in multiple languages. Proper interpretation allows an organization to introduce a change in polices, recent discoveries, or new products in a way that the messaging is correctly shared with the same knowledge.

Whatever your reason for organizing a multilingual event, among the most critical issues is delivering on your communication objectives. If your messaging goals are not clearly met, some attendees may feel they were not fully included. If your message wasn’t heard, it can be a costly waste of time and resources.

Although English has become the world's common language (like Latin or Greek in previous times), relying on that premise when planning a mulitlingual conference or event can be a big mistake. In order to deliver the best possible experience at your event, all attendees must think that it was worth attending, which is not always the case when someone feels left out of presentations and discussions.

How many languages do you need?

Naturally, there is no single answer to that question. In fact, microphone discussion systems and portable listening devices are often needed at a large conference or event just to enhance the deliver and reception of information in only one language. However, by applying today’s language technology, it is much easier to implement two or more languages than what you might expect.

Moreover, your specific needs for simultaneous interpretation equipment should be determined by an overview of the event’s attendees and special guests as well as the number of speakers who are planning on delivering messages in his or her native tongue. Simultaneous interpreters are typically preferred over consecutive interpretation as it does not interrupt the speaker’s address. Listeners experience a more natural flow and in real-time with minimal delays.

Infrared vs Radio Frequency Transmission

Infrared (IR) wireless transmitters, similar to TV remote control technology, use invisible pulses of light to deliver audio. However, IR devices have limitations when it comes to movement between rooms or large spaces. On the other hand, radio frequency (RF) communication uses electromagnetic waves and easily penetrates walls and obstacles, making it ideal for multi-room events. Plus, RF receivers support multiple language transmissions at the same time.

When planning an event, communication is key. Doesn’t matter if you're hosting a convention or showing visitors around your factory, wireless audio receivers and headphones are vital for crystal-clear sound quality and seamless communication. But, when it comes to selecting the best combination of equipment you may need help matching the technology with your needs. That's where our experienced team at ProLingo can help you determine the best equipment solutions.

Buy or Rent Wireless Translation Equipment

In today's rapidly changing global markets, it's crucial that communication is clear and accurate. Whether you're hosting an international convention or leading a tour of your manufacturing plant, wireless audio receivers and headphones allow for seamless reception of every word. ProLingo multilingual system solutions are lightweight and deliver clear sound in a compact size at affordable rental or purchase prices.

Maybe you are in charge of planning a multilingual church service, a tour of industrial plant, or an international business meeting, you need a simultaneous interpretation system with multiple transmitters and microphones for each language that needs to be interpreted as well as receivers and headsets those in attendance. With our easy-to-use wireless setup, you can enjoy high-quality interpretations without the need for an equipment technician.

Choose ProLingo as your event organizer and join the hundreds of satisfied customers who have already experienced the benefits of our portable listening and transmission systems. Our digital RF audio distribution systems feature six preset channels with up to thirty-seven usable frequencies, so your attendees are always dialed-in. When it comes to shipping, we've got you covered too. Our systems are compactly packaged, allowing for discounted FedEx delivery.


To ensure your event's communication is clear and crisp, let ProLingo's experienced staff guide you in choosing your simultaneous interpretation equipment, event microphone systems, and portable listening devices. With our established network of providers, we can deliver the highest quality of standards for multilingual events anywhere in the world.

Client Spotlight

Your onsite technician was the exact definition of the word professional. The sound quality was outstanding and it was expressed to me that all interpreters did an outstanding job. Keep up the great work!
- C. Parchy, CEO

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