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ProLingo Releases Simultaneous Interpretation App for Smartphones

April 6, 2020

Effective interpretation at your conference, seminar or meeting depends upon the accurate delivery of correctly interpreted information that is shared with your target audience. ProLingo’s latest enterprise level interpretation app delivers a cloud-based solution at gatherings where multiple simultaneous language interpreters are needed to ensure the most precise delivery of organizational or institutional communications. Now, you can eliminate a lot of the worry of planning language requirements for your next multilingual meeting or conference. Moreover, by taking full advantage of your attendee’s android or apple-based smartphones, ProLingo’s remote simultaneous interpretation app will save you money and time spent on ordering, receiving, setting up and returning event interpretation equipment. Most importantly, you will still be communicating each speaker’s message with the most accurate meaning to ensure the correct cultural impact.

It is important in today’s global village that attendees are able to hear and speak in their mother tongue. That’s why ProLingo’s multilingual interpreter platform allows businesses, institutions and organizations to communicate more effectively across numerous language barriers. Using ProLingo’s interpretation app, onsite interpreters can deliver messages precisely and directly from their onsite booth or remote location. Although the prototype system is audio based, the company expects to release full video conferencing in about a month, which will allow the listener to see his or her interpreter on their cellphone while watching event speakers deliver the live messages in a native tongue from the podium. Event attendees will also be able to use important smartphone features to capture audio recordings of important sessions. ProLingo has made it simple for attendees to join in by entering a code on their phone’s web browser and selecting the session they wish to listen to in the most suitable target language.

ProLingo is dedicated to making simultaneous interpreting for multilingual events, meetings, conferences and seminars fully scalable for clients needing the linguistic accuracy that only human interpreters can provide. By tuning in on their smartphone, attendees will have instant access to the language of their choice through a very familiar device while eliminating the need to purchase or rent cumbersome headsets. No more worry about last-minute device deliveries; when you have our simultaneous interpretation app, you can easily accomodate last-minute overflow audiences. App-based technology is designed to save your organization time before, during and after each event with reduced administrative burden for setting up unfamiliar audio/visual equipment. ProLingo’s IT department will install your event and walk you through the login process. Now, you can schedule a multilingual meeting quickly and have the option of “White Label” transmissions that fit your event schedule with up to twenty (20) sessions. In addition, you can track session analytics of attendees as well as see the number of licenses used and available on the Client Dashboard.

To learn more about branding your next event for simultaneous interpretation with instant feedback for session statistics, contact ProLingo at (800) 287-9755; or use our Spanish Direct Line at (407) 658-4545; or German Direct Line at (407) 658-8366.

Client Spotlight

I simply gave Rosie a list of the various languages, the estimated number of attendees and a description of the room layout. In a very short period of time I had a detailed quote with multiple options in my inbox. We host monthly meetings and ProLingo never fails to impress.
- K.H., The Darden Group

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