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Relying Solely on English Can Be a Barrier to Selling Online

November 7, 2018

Its 2018, if your business website is intended for multilingual readers, relying solely on an English version could be costing you customers. In today's global village, many buyers are simply more comfortable communicating in their native tongue. However, it does not mean that translating words from one language to another is going to be enough. Languages and dialects often reflect a different set of norms, assumptions, and expectations that can be deeply rooted in cultural differences.

What is the culture of your target audience?

Website localization is the process of adapting content in an existing website to the local language and culture of the target audience. Correctly delivering a different linguistic and cultural context involves more than a simple translation of the words on a page. Without accurate regional translations and unique cultural context, a growing segment of online shoppers may miss your brand messaging. Moreover, multiregional SEO, the practice of creating optimized web content written for consumers in multiple geographic locations, relies heavily on an in-depth understanding of the languages and dialects involved. Multilingual content will engage users and add value to your brand as well as boost buyer intent for your products and services.

Reach a Larger Audience with a Correctly Translated Message

Just as you personalize your communications to consumers who speak English, you must do the same for advertising messages that target other language speakers included in your multi-channel strategy. Your multilingual marketing budget can quickly disappear because your message was not delivered correctly and may not have made sense to potential buyers. Moreover, you never want to leave your audience trying to figure out what you were trying to say. This means the person providing translation services for your online content must understand your products and services as well as how your target audience perceives and interacts with your website or e-commerce store. If you are looking to take part in this worldwide market, it is not enough to Google Translate your site. Whether you need an email flyer translated or have multiple online storefronts, ProLingo can provide the linguistic expertise and document translation services to ensure your online messages are interpreted correctly by your target audience.

Client Spotlight

I am writing today to compliment the exceptional customer service shown by your team members. Our organization recently hosted a group of high profile religious leaders from North, Central and south America for which English to Spanish translation was a necessity. My entire staff and I were impressed by the quality of ProLingo's equipment, pricing and most importantly their employees. I am looking forward to working with ProLingo again in the future and will gladly recommend your services to others.
- S. Caprani, Episcopal Church of Central Florida

5 / 5 stars

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