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Virtual Holiday Weddings: Pros & Cons

October 9, 2023

The traditional American wedding saw an about face during the pandemic. Out of necessity, couples rewrote the rule book for wedding etiquette with a renewed focus on personal convenience and creativity. Since many couples today lead busy lives and in different areas than family and friends, virtual wedding ceremonies evolved as a logical solution.

By livestreaming your wedding ceremonies for online guests, it is much easier to manage a “mini-mony” for your in-person guests as a prudent option for a virtual holiday wedding. After all, there is a good chance your friends and family members will have the day off to attend in person or logon to a virtual stream.

The holiday season is already a celebratory time of the year and it can make for a magical virtual wedding theme; but there are some obvious cons to nuptials overlapping a popular holiday. For starters, it is a more expensive time year, so guests may already feel physically and financially drained. In addition, some of your loved ones may have holiday plans that conflict with your date and time.

Virtual Weddings Afford a Smaller Footprint

Catastrophic events often lead to cultural changes that likely would not have happened without the pressing need for a “Plan B”. Although statistics suggest the size of the average wedding had been shrinking for more than a decade prior to the pandemic, the fact that couples still wanted to tie the knot during the shutdown led to an overhaul within the wedding industry.

Many couples were already questioning the tradition of over-spending on traditional wedding ceremonies, and with the sudden application of streaming technology discovered they were able to reduce expenses while including a limitless number of guests.

Holiday weddings are nothing new. Thanksgiving, Christmas and New Year’s are times that many young working-class couples were guaranteed to have the day off. The good news for couples who have dreamed of having their wedding at a popular venue, there are far fewer weddings scheduled during the winter months, as compared to the busy spring and summer wedding season. 

Stream Your Holiday Wedding Live

So long as your venue has a mobile hotspot, your virtual wedding can be streamed from any location you choose using a professional provider like ProLingo. While very close friends and family will be happy to plan around your special day, some guests may have their own holiday plans. With streaming, you can connect your wedding ceremonies with your virtual guest’s holiday festivities. In addition, your theme can be as subtle or extravagant as you wish, such as:

Halloween Wedding – Having your virtual wedding on one of the most unusual holidays can be a show stopper, especially with the right balance between the romantic elegance of an autumn wedding and the magical feel of a Halloween party.

Thanksgiving Wedding – Since Thanksgiving has long been celebrated with family and close friends, it can be the ideal backdrop for gathering guests for both in-person and virtual celebrations. Fall colors add a natural warmth to a Thanksgiving wedding.

Christmas Wedding – Although December is not a common month for nuptials, a Christmas Wedding offers endless inspirations from a ceremonial wintry theme to toasting the newlyweds with an eggnog cocktail. However, it requires extra effort if you’re planning a church wedding.

New Year’s Wedding – Who doesn’t want to party on New Year’s? People get to dress up and celebrate with Champagne, which make this holiday ideally compatible with virtual wedding festivities. Your closest friends and family can share a unique wedding toast as the clock strikes midnight.

In today’s fast-paced world, a holiday provides you and your guests with an extra day off work making it easier to get everyone to the same place at the same time. Holidays can prove especially beneficial for couples planning a destination wedding, as your guests can capitalize on the opportunity to extend their stay as a mini-vacation. But holidays are busy travel times, so make group plans ahead of time to keep the costs of your virtual holiday wedding at a minimum.


If you’re planning a virtual Holiday wedding, ProLingo can help. We’ve been helping people host major events globally for more than two decades. Regardless of your wedding destination, our streaming platform allows you to include more loved ones and special guests with smaller financial footprint. To learn more about your options, call 800.287.9755 today.

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