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Portable Listening Devices for Church & Community Events

Regardless of the cause, hearing loss can make it difficult for people to understand the message being delivered. That in turn can cause individuals to stop attending public events due to the difficulty they have in comprehending what is being said. Don't leave members of your church congregation or participants at your community meetings struggling to hear. ProLingo has portable listening devices to rent or buy*. These state-of-the-art products are specifically designed to overcome distortion from background noise and poor room acoustics. By amplifying the sound signals, we guarantee your message will be delivered with excellent sound quality.

We offer the most advanced solutions to solve frustrating sound problems and our assistive listening devices are ideal for use in public venues such as:


  • Auditoriums
  • Large Lecture Halls
  • Churches
  • Gymnasiums


  • Cathedrals
  • School Cafeterias
  • Outdoor Events
  • Synagogues 

While you may have no difficulty in understanding someone at close range, sound fades rapidly as it travels through open spaces. Competing noise in the environment, sounds waves bouncing off hard surfaces and other people talking can make it very difficult for participants and attendees to hear. Our portable listening systems are designed to eliminate distortion caused by distance, noise or bad acoustics.

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*ProLingo offers the most competitive pricing on portable listening devices for churches and community centers nationwide and internationally.








Client Spotlight

Our last minute request was literally just 2 hours before our event started. ProLingo found interpreters, a tech and had the equipment delivered via cargo air the same day. It was very impressive and we couldn't have done it without the professional and tireless effort of the Prolingo team in New York. Thank you!
- B. Coggin, President

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