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Simultaneous Interpretation for Corporate & Industrial Events

Why limit your tours or events to English-speaking guests only? ProLingo can help you provide affordable* interpretation to all your corporate or industrial guests using our portable listening equipment.

Whenever sound travels, the volume is lost over distance and in-house events are subject to distortion from background noise or equipment reverberation. Whether you need to provide simultaneous interpretation or make the sound louder, we have the latest portable RF listening devices and digital Infrared receivers to meet your needs. These state-of-the-art products eliminate communication problems caused by poor acoustics by amplifying what you want your participants and guests to hear. In addition to delivering high-quality sound, our portable receivers are equipped with finger-tip adjustable volume controls and multiple frequency selectors that allow any user to quickly make adjustments for any listening environment.

At any event, an incorrect interpretation is worse than having no interpretation at all. Listed below are some of the more common multilingual interpretations our translators provide for simultaneous delivery:


  • Chinese
  • French
  • German
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Polish
  • Russian
  • Spanish


When you choose ProLingo as your event partner, you gain immediate access to our broad inventory of interpreting equipment and simultaneous translators. In addition to our excellent customer service, we can also furnish on-site technical support to ensure a smooth, seamless flow.

Ready to get started? Get a quick quote on simultaneous interpretation services, sound reduction booths, multilingual interpreting booths, console microphone systems and/or portable receivers.

Corporate Conferences Translated by ProLingo

Location Language(s) Equipment
Dublin, Ireland SP 1 booth, portable, 300 receivers
Amsterdam, Netherlands by client video interpretation, 20 receivers
Cabo San Luca, Mexico SP 1 booth, 50 receivers
Calgary, Canada by client 8 booths, 200 receivers
Amsterdam, Netherlands by client video interpretation, 20 receivers
Nassau, Bahamas SP 1 booth, 150 receivers
Nassau, Bahamas SP 1 booth, 120 receivers
Nassau, Bahamas by client 1 booth, 100 receivers
Beijing, China CH 1 booth, 100 receivers
Beijing, China CH 1 booth, 100 receivers
Glasgow, Scotland by client 4 booths, 300 receivers
Beijing, China CH 1 booth, 100 receivers  

*ProLingo has the most competitive pricing on corporate discussion equipment and multilingual interpreting services to support any Corporate or Industrial event nationwide or internationally.

Client Spotlight

Your onsite technician was the exact definition of the word professional. The sound quality was outstanding and it was expressed to me that all interpreters did an outstanding job. Keep up the great work!
- C. Parchy, CEO

5 / 5 stars

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