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Hybrid Wedding Services

If you are making plans for your special day, ProLingo has the experience in conducting livestream events to expertly handle the virtual component of your hybrid wedding. Like many innovative ideas, the hybrid wedding was born out of necessity. During the pandemic, it was a time when many people close to a couple were unable to attend due to travel restrictions. Whether you are considering a location that is special to you, choosing to elope, or only plan to invite a limited number of guests, we can ensure that no one gets left out on your Big Day. For professional assistance in planning for your livestream, contact ProLingo to learn more about our hybrid wedding services.

Advantages of Livestreaming

With over two decades of experience in supporting major events on a global scale, ProLingo has earned a stellar reputation for ensuring each client’s audio and visual elements are delivered with optimal success. Your role is simple, when choosing your venue make sure you will have a reliable Wi-Fi connection. That’s it, we’ll ship what you need and communicate directly with your contact person to ensure virtual success, including:

  • An Extraordinary Day – We understand the challenge of making every guest who attends the virtual ceremony feel equally included as those who attend in person. Let us handle the live stream platform to provide the flavor of your Special Day.
  • Big Event with Limited Guests – Our hybrid wedding services are perfect for including an unlimited number of people when there will be a limited number of onsite attendees. Adding a virtual stream instantly creates a large-scale presence.
  • Keep the Costs Down – As an advantage in choosing ProLingo for your hybrid wedding, the cost of planning the live streaming element and expenses related to audio-visual equipment can be included in one low price. We make your online experience hassle free.
  • Identical Look and Feel – From the time the wedding party proceeds down the aisle until the ceremony commences with that special kiss, the virtual component of your wedding day will have the look and feel of the live event. No glitches. Just heart-felt tears of joy.

Electing to have a hybrid wedding offers you the opportunity to include people, who for whatever reason, are unable to attend the live ceremony. After all, you are not a just another customer, you are an extension of the ProLingo family. Our hybrid wedding services give all of your friends and family a chance to feel they were able to share in your big day. With guaranteed transparency and virtue, ProLingo ensures the livestream looks, feels, and sounds like your wedding.

Partner with ProLingo for Your Big Event

Just because you’re having a wedding with a smaller footprint doesn’t mean that it cannot be an extraordinary Big Day for those attending in-person as well as your virtual guests. Nonetheless, choosing the right partner for a live broadcast can make all the difference by not having to deal with technical issues related to a livestream. As the wedding couple, you can truly relax and revel at the magic of your special day. If you are ready to start planning, the time to book the virtual component of your wedding is today. We have virtual packages for a hybrid wedding starting at $700. Use this website’s convenient contact form or call 800.287.9755 to speak directly with an event professional.


*Event planning has advanced in recent years to include those who can’t attend in person. With ProLingo's livestream hybrid wedding, it's the more the merrier.

Client Spotlight

Your onsite technician was the exact definition of the word professional. The sound quality was outstanding and it was expressed to me that all interpreters did an outstanding job. Keep up the great work!
- C. Parchy, CEO

5 / 5 stars

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