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Content Translation Services

Prolingo has the experience to handle your translation services to make any event run seamlessly and without disruptions to the scheduled program flow. Our interpreter coordinator understands the importance of making sure every attendee feels included no matter how many languages are being converted. Whether your venue is large or small, to ensure every detail for your meeting receives the attention it deserves, our team works directly with your event's staff and program personnel to provide the best translation services for consecutive or simultaneous interpretation. Through our affliates at AAA Translation Global Languages & Consulting, we also provide the most accurate content translations for languages and dialects worldwide.

Event Equipment for Purchase or Rent*

Prolingo takes the time to fully understand your interpreter equipment requirements so each speaker's message is heard exactly as it was delivered. We always work within your budget to deliver cost-effective solutions, such as:

  • Interpretations with Exact Translation
    Ensuring each speaker's message is clearly heard and correctly translated is essential for delivering event content to everyone attending your event. We provide a dedicated interpreter to recruit and manage personnel assigned to your meetings.
  • Latest Equipment Technologies
    The seamless delivery of each speaker's message is vital to the participation and outcome of your event. Regardless of the languages being broadcast or received, ProLingo has the RF or IR translation equipment that your interpreters will need.
  • Project Management & Conference Services
    You will never go wrong with adding seasoned professionals to your staff when preparing for a multilingual event. At ProLingo, our project managers work closely with you, your audio team and your interpreters to guarantee a flawless delivery of information to all guests.
  • Multiple Locations for Easy Shipment
    Saving our clients money when purchasing or renting interpretation equipment is always our goal at ProLingo. Plus, we provide maximum savings and flexibility of schedule with nearly a dozen well-stocked equipment shipping centers.

To deliver the most cost-effective solutions for multiple-language events of all sizes, ProLingo's translation services and interpretation equipment are tailored to your exact specifications. This allows our project managers and other team members to focus on satisfying all of your event needs without technical glitches or interpretation delays.

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Competitive Pricing for Translation Services

Due to our global buying power, ProLingo can deliver budget-efficient translation services and options for interpretation equipment anywhere and anytime. Not only do we pass the equipment savings along to our clients, we provide the best possible translation services from an internationally-experienced team of event partners. Whether you are hosting a major international event or a small-venue meeting, your translation services and equipment pricing is uniquely competitive.

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*Rent or buy interpretation and translation equipment, push to talk microphones, portable listening devicesinterpreter's booths and audience response systems.

Client Spotlight

We recently acquired the service of ProLingo for our multinational medical based technology conference. This was our first multinational conference and the event went flawless thanks to the impeccable service form the ProLingo staff.
- R. Sanchez, San Diego

5 / 5 stars

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