About Us

ProLingo provides only top quality interpretation equipment to ensure 100% customer satisfaction.

ProLingo has furnished solutions for simultaneous interpretation for more than 10 years. During that time, we have provided conference discussion equipment and interpreters for more than a thousand events. Our interpretation equipment is readily available for rent or sale, and our prices are extremely cost effective. If your message needs to resonate with attendees, contact ProLingo and let our event specialist help you embrace the diversity of your group regardless of the language barriers or the number of languages spoken. After all, delivering the right message to your audience is a crucial component to the overall success of your event.

ProLingo Systems & Services

We take pride in providing quality interpretation services and high-end equipment for meetings or special events. With multiple locations across the United States and a well-established network of strong business partners, ProLingo can deliver our quality standards anywhere in the world. Learn more about our guarantees for delivering:

  • Simultaneous Interpretation Service

  • Portable Listening System

  • Microphone Discussion System

  • Audience Response System