Sennheiser / Televic

Sennheiser / Televic
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Sennheiser Audio Prouducts

Sennheiser has been an industry leader, best known for their high-quality audio products, for over 65 years. They are committed to being a truly innovative company, focusing on excellence in product design and development. The company is best known for the microphones, receivers and audio technology that they bring to the market. Being able to hear speakers clearly is key to holding effective meetings, conferences and seminars. Thanks to their reliable, state-of-the-art technology, Sennheiser receivers and microphones are designed to give the most intelligible and clearest sound.

Thanks to decades of German engineering and the inclusion of the latest scientific innovations, the company is known as the "go-to" choice for microphones and receivers used by audio professionals worldwide. Sennheiser receivers and microphones offer a high level of acoustic quality coupled with intuitive functionality. The units are silent and generate a minimal amount of heat, making them safe and comfortable to use. The microphones are designed to look nice and be comfortable to hold, even for long periods of time. Products from Sennheiser are easy to install for quick setup, making them a flexible solution for your audio needs.

No matter how small or large your conference room or venue, there are Sennheiser receivers and microphones that will fit the bill. If you need assistance in determining which products are best for your needs, contact ProLingo today and we'll be glad to help.