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Cross Cultural Marketing Must Match Familial Needs

July 22, 2019

The influence of cultural factors on the marketing, sales and distribution of new products affect a company's analysis, strategies and decisions on how best to enter a new segment of the global marketplace. Cultural influences are deeply rooted in familial factors that are relevant to the prospective new buyer whose existence is different from the marketing company. Nonetheless, culture holds a distinct and important position in global marketing. Religious, spiritual and innate values are important and it is not possible consumers to vary far from them.

There are many cultural influences that affect a global buyer's assessment and intervention processes for goods and services that are marketed across cultural barriers. Many are relevant to the client's cultural existence and may include:

  • Ethnic Self Identification - How a group identifies themselves in a racial or ethnic context. Judging behaviors by standards inherent to a specific culture.
  • Mainstream Acculturation - Cultural modification of an individual resulting from any change as the result of contact with a different culture.
  • Verbal and Non-Verbal Communication - Cultural influences and conflicts involve the verbal tone and physical posture being expressed.
  • Mono or Polychronic Time Orientation - How the client understands and uses time ranges from very strict timelines to more flexible socialization.
  • Verbal Engagement and Control - Does the prospective buyer feel like they are in control or do they feel as though his or her choice is being pushed in a particular direction.

Language environments affect cross cultural marketing activities in that they guide how a company should approach everything from product development to advertising goods and services to different groups locally or around the world.

There are numerous cultural elements that make effective interactions possible and influence how people of other cultures accept product solutions. These include the client's language, norms, values, artifacts and symbols. When a cross cultural marketing campaign is correctly executed, the company will show an understanding of how the consumer ticks, what they think about and what they need. Regardless of the audience diversity, this guarantees a connection with support for the culture's core desires and needs. For help with interpretation and translation services for planning your next cross cultural marketing project, contact the language specialists at ProLingo for professional assistance.

Client Spotlight

I am writing today to compliment the exceptional customer service shown by your team members. Our organization recently hosted a group of high profile religious leaders from North, Central and south America for which English to Spanish translation was a necessity. My entire staff and I were impressed by the quality of ProLingo's equipment, pricing and most importantly their employees. I am looking forward to working with ProLingo again in the future and will gladly recommend your services to others.
- S. Caprani, Episcopal Church of Central Florida

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