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Exciting New Features

October 15, 2020

We here at ProLingo have been busy over the past few months making our remote simultaneous interpretation platform the best that it can be.  Since our release this past summer, we have been getting rave reviews about all our features… but that was not enough for us. 

We strive to provide something that has never been seen before and create an interpretation revolution with our platform.  All input from our interpreters and our audience clienteles are taken into consideration when developing and improving our platform and we are excited to share with you the new updates that have been added to our latest build.

Color Changing

If you are familiar with ProLingo, you may be aware of the bright orange and white colors that we have in our company logo.  In our app, those orange colors are evident throughout and you may be thinking, “if I want to use this app for my event, it sure would be nice to be able to have my company colors instead, for my audience experience.”  Well, we took that suggestion to heart and did just that!

We can adjust the primary color of the app from our ProLingo color to your company color in the technician portal.  This will allow for not only your logo to be white labeled (substituting the “ProLingo App” logo), but it will have your company’s primary color for all menu headers which really makes the application experience seem like your own.

Multiple Questions on Surveys

We realize that you want to hear from your audience and get feedback during your events.  Sometimes you may want a little more than a multiple-choice question only, but also offer a free form text input.  Our clients asked for it, so we made it happen!

With our new build, you can add as many questions and as many survey formats that you would like to have, in as many rooms or sessions that your overall event is holding.  There are no more limitations on how your audience can communicate to you.


Modify Events on the Fly

Typically, when an event is created, it is hard to really change things up and modify everyone’s application due to an additional survey or a new session that needed to be added at the last minute.  We wanted to make sure that this was possible in our new build and confirm that not only is our platform stable during production but also flexible as needed.


Easier Interpreter Login

This feature is for the interpreter and will make the login process for joining a session easier than ever.  When starting the interpreter application in the past, there were many menus that you had to select in order to get to the working interface for your event.  We have cut down a number of these selections now as all you will need to do is enter your username and password and the rest has been taken care of by our technician that will set up the overall session.  This should help in a speedy login process and help cut down any possible user error and in turn create a flawless experience throughout your event.



We are really excited about these new features and are anxious to have you try them out in person.  We encourage you to book a live demo with us so that you can see our remote application in action along with all the new additions that have been added. 

Click Here to Schedule a demo with us today! 

Client Spotlight

Our last minute request was literally just 2 hours before our event started. ProLingo found interpreters, a tech and had the equipment delivered via cargo air the same day. It was very impressive and we couldn't have done it without the professional and tireless effort of the Prolingo team in New York. Thank you!
- B. Coggin, President

5 / 5 stars

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