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How an Audience Response System Affects Opinion Gathering

April 10, 2019

Do you really get the results you want, when you ask for a show of hands?

ProLingo's state-of-the-art audience response system allows participants to respond anonymously to multiple choice questions displayed on a screen or digital monitor. Using individual remote devices, individuals select their response and the results are collected, scored, summarized, and presented to the group in the desired visual format. With the anonymity of feedback from a participant shown blind to their peers, group interaction and engagement is often greatly enhanced and the quality of the opinions gathered reflect everyone's unique thoughts without bias.

Disadvantages of Other Polling Methods

Although feedback can be acquired by many different means, alternative methods may have notable disadvantages. For example, when a show of hands is called for, it can be difficult to obtain an accurate answer quickly if you are working with a large group. On the other hand, if one member of a group is singled out or a volunteer is chosen to answer a question, then the anonymity of opinions expressed is immediately lost. An audience response system presents a novel way to stimulate and evaluate a participant's response without disclosing how the rest of the group may have responded.

Audience Response Systems for Rent or Hire

A common concern in using an audience response system is that participants may feel uncomfortable if their response is consistently different from that of their peers. In such cases, articulation of ideas can be emphasized, so participants feel their unique reasoning is more valued than everyone reaching the same conclusion is. Many of our clients prefer to rent the audience polling equipment and run it themselves. It is easy to learn and a cost effective way to greatly enhance your interactive event audience polling. Our turnkey service is designed to make sure you have everything you need out of the box to put on your presentation. Having time to rehearse your presentation will not only help you execute it, but it may reveal things you would like to add or change. Turn your traditional one-way presentation into an interactive experience with a very professional touch. Contact ProLingo today to learn more about our rental options as an affordable alternative for bringing your event to life.

Client Spotlight

Everything was well prepared by the ProLingo staff, so we were able to start our meeting promptly. The technician was great to work with and the interpreters were very professional and were positive and engaged even so we ran into some overtime. We will hire ProLingo for all our interpretation needs, no matter where our events take place.
- S. Chung, Harvard Club NYC

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