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Shouldn't You Know What Each Attendee Said?

August 17, 2021

The answer is Yes! Everyone attending a multilingual presentation should leave with a clear understanding of what was said  as well as accurate translations that account for linguistic nuances for all transcripts, videos, whiteboards, and downloadable handouts.

Event participants today are spread across the globe and everyone is travelling less due to coronavirus restrictions, so businesses and organizations have been forced to rely on virtual meetings.  Fortunately, multinational events conducted remotely using an internet connection only needs a couple of things to allow each stakeholder to stay connected for developing strategic plans, launching new programs, or discussing existing operations. These are: 1) an online meeting source with good connections for professional interpretation of what is being said, and (2) accurate translations for transcription, captioning, and subtitles.

Going forward, virtual meetings using  home-based webcams connected through boardroom systems are predicted to be the new normal with even the most important sessions delivered online, including financial reporting, marketing roll-outs, webinars, institutional conferencing, and multilingual think tanks.

Removing Language Barriers for Online Events

What you don’t need is sketchy virtual meeting hookups that drop crucial parts of what is being said or cheap interpretation apps that fail to capture the true meaning of the message being delivered in a different language. No matter your business or area of expertise, ProLingo provides fast, accurate interpretations, translations, subtitling, and captioning for meetings, conferences, interviews, product previews, and more. Visit the main pages of our website to learn more about:

  • Industry-Specific Translation Services
  • Remote Simultaneous Interpretation
  • Professional Trade Transcriptions
  • Subtitle and Captioning Services
  • Accurate Scripts for Marketing Messages

ProLingo remote simultaneous interpretation and transcription services are always performed by highly qualified humans who are both experienced and certified to deliver the services your virtual meeting requires. Our teams of interpreters, translators, and transcribers specialize in academic, business, legal, healthcare, media, and government interpretations that deliver the utmost accuracy for multilingual communications. Moreover, you can trust that your industry-specific terminologies are professionally handled in any format.

Remote Solutions for Your Multilingual Virtual Meeting

When it comes to managing a multilingual virtual meeting, your number one priority is to ensure you message is heard and read clearly using solutions that make it easy for the end user to participate in your event. ProLingo’s remote simultaneous interpretation (RSI) app delivers the quality and performance that you’ve grown to expect from one of the industry leaders. With over twenty years of experience in providing professional translation and interpretation services, our RSI solution was specifically developed to run natively on Apple and Android devices as well as popular web browsers. In order to provide optimal safety, security, portability and convenience for your virtual meeting, our app allows you to quickly setup your event, redirect streams to our staff of certified interpreters, and provide the inclusion excellence to ensure no one in attendance feels left out or overlooked. To get your translated content delivered to your multilingual audience accurately, use a service that you know you can trust to deliver high definition video and audio in unlimited languages for unlimited listeners along with post-event analytics for your review.


Virtual meetings and other multilingual online events remove the need to rent expensive audio equipment and interpretation booths. In addition, attendees will save time and money due to less travel and no overnight stays. Contact ProLingo at 800-287-9755 to discuss your specific needs for remote interpretation and translation services.

Client Spotlight

Your onsite technician was the exact definition of the word professional. The sound quality was outstanding and it was expressed to me that all interpreters did an outstanding job. Keep up the great work!
- C. Parchy, CEO

5 / 5 stars

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