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Top 10 Holiday Gifts for Language Learners

December 7, 2017

Without doubt, the holidays are one of the most exciting times of the year, so don't get bogged down trying to find the right present. If someone you're shopping for is learning a new language, here are a few ideas for the perfect gift to support his or her efforts.

  1. Pocket Language Translator - If you know someone who is traveling abroad or just learning a foreign language that's spoken in their neighborhood, a pocket translator is a great holiday gift.
  2. Foreign Word Magnets - Foreign language magnets are a great way to leave messages when more than one person at a residence is learning a new language. If they are polygots, choose several to add to the fun.
  3. Language Calendars - Language calendars support the day-to-day learning of one or more new languages. These are usually quite affordable, so pick up one the home and one for the office.
  4. Foreign Language Movies - For movie lovers, there isn't any better way to support learning of a foreign language. It can be a favorite film dubbed in a foreign language or better yet a popular foreign film.
  5. Number Books for the Bilingual - Number books are a great gift for budding polygots of a younger age. You can also find bi-language and multi-language building blocks as well as other fun toys.
  6. Foreign Language Cookbooks - If that special person loves to cook, what better language gift than a cookbook written in the same language as the style of the cuisine.
  7. Subtitled Language DVD- Played on a big screen TV, a subtitled language DVD can deliver very accurate enunciations and vocal reflections with the translations displayed at the bottom of the screen.
  8. Custom Print T-Shirt in Foreign Language - With a custom printed T-shirt, the world is open to your imagination and knowledge of the recipient's favorite things and sayings.
  9. Language Learning Phone Apps - If money is tight, there are several very good language courses available for FREE (or relatively inexpensive) as phone apps. But, be sneaky and load it for them when they are not looking.
  10. Trip to a Foreign Country - If money is not an object, nothing beats a trip to a foreign country while you are in the process of learning the language. For some, French Canada and Mexico may be close enough to drive.

Whatever you choose it is likely to be much better than gifting a necktie or refill for her favorite fragrance. Think outside the box and get creative with your language learning present. Happy Holidays from ProLingo.

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- T. Washington, Convention Logistics Manager

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